Service/Weekly maintenance

Service/Weekly maintenance
Residential (open or screened) pools/spas.
The following tasks are part of your service; however, while some duties are required each service, others are not necessary on a weekly basis.
 Skimming the surface
 Brushing the walls
 Cleaning tile and grout
 Emptying baskets
 Cleaning the filter
 Cleaning salt cell
 Vacuuming
 Balancing water
 Inspecting equipment
Each SPS team member is required to wear a company shirt so that they are easily identifiable. SPS company vehicles are easily identifiable with signage.
Our technicians are required to leave a door hanger after service is provided. They must sign, date and enter the time of service and also mark what services were performed. Please check your door hanger after every service to see any concerns or requests your tech may have.
Our company vehicles are equipped with the best GPS units available. We track our vehicles in real time on a daily basis. This valuable tool allows us to identify routing issues such as travel time versus service time, we are able determine whether a technician is spending enough time servicing your pool and whether the tech is driving in a safe and lawful manner.
We also do random inspections (follow-up service) to check the performance of our technicians. We will check the overall condition of your pool, the equipment and chemical levels. Please note our manager will leave a door hanger with the results of his/her inspection.
It is our intent to keep service on a regular weekly schedule (same technician/same day of the week). Many factors influence the daily schedule, including, college schedules, inclement weather, holidays, illness, etc. and are beyond our control.
Gate codes, key cards, etc.
Please keep the office advised of any changes to gate codes, key cards, guards, etc. It is imperative that you contact the office so you do not miss a service.
If we are locked out or denied access, your pool will still be considered “serviced”. We will make every effort to return to your home, if we have a technician in the area.
If you normally keep your gate or enclosure locked, please make sure office personnel are aware of it. Also, be mindful of holidays as we may service your pool the day prior or the day after.
Should we miss your normal service day due to weather, illness or other unscheduled events, we will make every effort to service your pool the following day.
Please note that any requests for estimates, parts, etc. must go through office personnel. Technicians are not able to provide estimates and they do not schedule repairs or service calls. You must call or e-mail the office. Please do not relay messages through your service tech.
In the event of an equipment malfunction, please turn your pool equipment off immediately. To ensure the pool equipment does not come back on the next morning, please turn the breaker off too. The breaker box in normally mounted on the exterior wall of your home, very near to the pool equipment.

Tips for maintaining your pool between services:
 Maintain the proper water level.
 Run your pool for adequate time to ensure proper circulation, sanitation and water clarity.
 Keep pool deck clean and clear of trip hazards.
 Keep the top of the screen enclosure clean and replace torn/damaged screens.
For our customers with open pools:
 Skim the surface.
 Empty pump and skimmer baskets.
 Empty Polaris bag or leaf canister.
Please do not empty baskets in your gardens or lawn as it will blow back into the pool!


The office is normally closed on holidays. However, some technicians choose to work (Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day, etc.). Should your service day fall on a holiday, we make every effort to service your pool prior to the holiday; however, sometimes it will be either on the holiday or the day after.

Annual vacation

Each year we are closed from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day. Prior to our vacation, we make certain the pools are properly sanitized; and, of course, Garry and I are on call for emergencies. Please note that we do not reduce the rate for the month of December as we do not charge extra for those months with five weeks rather than four.