Salt Water Pools

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Advantages of Salt Water Pools
1. Gentle on Eyes and Skin
Chlorine levels are lower with a salt generator. People who are sensitive to chlorine often report fewer irritations when using these pools.
2. Safer than traditional Chlorine
In tablet or liquid form, chlorine can be dangerous to store and transport. Many people feel that any long-term risk related to chlorine may not apply to salt water systems. Yet salt systems provide them same disinfection by products as traditional pools.
3. “Soft Water” Feel
If you have a water softener in your home, you know that the addition of salt makes water feel smooth and silky to the touch. Most people prefer this to the sometimes-abrasive feel of chlorinated water.
4. Continuous Disinfection
Salt-water pool disinfection systems rely on chlorine to kill germs and neutralize contaminants in the water, just as traditional chlorine-based systems. A unit containing two slightly charged titanium plates allows the salt or NaCl to pass through them. In a process called electrolysis, the salt breaks down and reforms in water to form the hypochlorous acid responsible for disinfection in traditional chlorine-based systems. Because the salt is dissolved in the pool water, there is a continuous and steady supply of chlorine flowing into the pool.